Tinkering and Learning

Recently I made a career transition. I made this transition all the while starting graduate school, having my first child, and enduring some really tough situations in my family. (Not my immediate family, but more extended family.) Needless to say the transition was probably ill advised, but I thought it would be the best move for my family. I really enjoyed my previous job, but I was always quite busy.

I wanted to make sure I was able to spend time with my first child.

I am glad I made my choice, but one thing that I didn't realize at the moment was what I was giving up at my previous job.

I miss the childlike wonder I had for software engineering at my previous job. The environment was invigorating. Everyone came to work excited to figure out what we were going to build and how we were going to ship work. There truly wasn't a dull moment.

The people I worked with truly had a passion for engineering solutions. They wanted to push work that would make them feel as though they had done their very best.

Again, I am glad I made my choice. And I am happy at my current job. It is just an adjustment to not have such a special environment at work anymore.

Perhaps, I need to jump into open source or work on personal projects... maybe that will bring the wonder and learning back.

I guess that is the reason I started this blog. So I could tinker and get some of these ideas and desires out.

Here is to 2024, the year I venture out into personal projects :cheers: